We love our home, and we love the professionals that take care of it day after day. That’s why we are offering City of Austin employees our thanks by taking care of their pearly whites and muscle health. Now, these two things don’t typically go together, so why now? Well, we’re now offering all City of Austin employees with Erisa insurance a free massage following a dental cleaning at Lifetime Smiles. Schedule your appointment now!

The Erisa Dental Assistance Plan

Erisa truly cares for their insured’s health. All people covered under the Dental Assistance Plan are eligible for preventive care without paying a deductible. Basic care and major care are covered except for the $50 deductible per person, per calendar year. Moreover, this plan accounts for both orthodontia and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. The maximum is $2,000 coverage per calendar year, per person before you must pay out of pocket.

Why You Should Trust Lifetime Smiles With Oral Health Care

Our patients are our first priority. We care about best health practices, prevention of disease, and comfort during exams and cleanings. Each patient can view the television mounted on the ceiling while sitting in a dental chair, and Dr. Arzegar is the nicest dentist in Austin. We offer cosmetic dentistry procedures such as implants, teeth whitening, and Invisalign, as well as the typical dental procedures like cleanings, checking for cavities, and evaluating jaw health.

We can help you relax when you visit Lifetime Smiles. We offer sedation dentistry for any procedure, following a consultation with Dr. Arzegar. More importantly, as we said in the introduction, all City of Austin employees will receive a free massage after visiting Lifetime Smiles – now that’s comfort!