When appropriate, Lifetime Smiles provides local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is a standard technique practiced amongst dentists worldwide. With local anesthesia, an anesthetic is applied over a small area. There are various ways to apply local anesthesia, although most often an anesthetic is applied topically (applied to the outside of tissue). Local anesthesia is an ideal solution for smaller procedures that might otherwise involve pain. If you’re concerned about an upcoming procedure, you’re always welcome to discuss local anesthesia as an option with your dentist. Here at Lifetime Smiles, we use local anesthesia for a vast variety of procedures.

Moreover, we may suggest or prescribe an analgesic to take after a dental procedure. Analgesics are painkillers. Painkillers may be especially helpful after procedures including – but not limited to – tooth extractions and root canals.

Again, if you’re curious about the pain that may be a part of a dental procedure, talk with your dentist. We can discuss apt solutions, and we’ll make every effort to relieve you from unnecessary pain. So talk to a dentist today, and regain peace of mind surrounding your upcoming dental procedure.