Dental care can be a little overwhelming; and many people suffer from a fear of dental work.  In fact, this phenomena is so common, that there are numerous names for the phobia: odontophobia, dentophobia, and dental anxiety. That’s why, at Lifetime Smiles, we offer general anesthesia services.

Intravenous general anesthesia is an excellent solution for phobic patients.  This form of anesthesia puts our clients in a peaceful sleep state for the entire duration of the dental treatment.  Anxious patients receive anesthesia before the procedure begins, then remain in an unconscious sleep state for the duration of the procedure, then gradually wake up.  Most phobic clients rave about anesthesia because you essentially skip the entire event!

Furthermore, all of the pain that may incur during a procedure cannot be felt.  Again, patients are completely asleep and anesthetized during the process, and cannot feel any pain in this state.  This is especially beneficial for procedures like removing wisdom teeth, where pain would normally be unavoidable.

General anesthesia is an advanced technique, and rigorous training goes into perfecting the procedure.  All of our general anesthesia intravenous administers are board certified for general anesthesia which means they have training specific to general anesthesia practice – ensuring that your experience is safe and comfortable.

Remember, sedation and anesthesia are different processes. Sedation, unlike anesthesia, puts patients in a pseudo-dream state. Sedation, although effective, is a shallower version of anesthesia, and as such it has different applications.  Lifetime Smiles is one of few local dentists offering sedation dentistry services as well as general anesthesia.

If you’re curious about sedation dentistry, general anesthesia, or have further questions, feel free to contact our dental experts! Or read further information from WebMD.