What’s the best time to go to the dentist? Is it only when your teeth hurt? Is it when you have an emergency or you need some cosmetic work done? While all of these time periods are correct, you should also visit the dentist at least twice a year. Every six months is the best time to visit, so you know what’s going on in your mouth and can catch any cavities or — worse oral health issues — before they get out of control.

However, what happens when you dislike going to the dentist? If that’s the case and you work for the City of Austin, then we have some good news for you! If you work for the City of Austin, then you qualify for a special discount for being a city employee. We can take care of those pearly teeth and any muscle pains you’ve been experiencing. At Lifetime Smiles, we care about your oral health and your wellbeing. If you qualify as a City of Austin employee and you are interested in joining our health and wellness club, then we have a great opportunity for you. We value and are grateful for the service you provide the City of Austin and we want to show our appreciation by providing you with a membership to join a wellness club for $1 a year. For $1 a year, you can receive two 60 minute complimentary messages. If you’re interested in learning more, then call for more details.

The Benefits Of Working For The City

There are many benefits to working for the city. You get great health insurance, have access to services others don’t, and you can take advantage of great deals such as this one. We are now providing all City of Austin employees, who qualify with the Erisa dental plan the ability to become a member of a health and wellness club. This opportunity will award you two complimentary 60 minute massage when you come to us to get your teeth cleaned. This means instead of dreading your dentist appointment because you dislike paying those fees and having someone clean your teeth, you can enjoy a massage for all of the oral health you have to endure.

About Lifetime Smiles

Located in the South Austin area, Lifetime Smiles has the necessary experience to not only make you feel comfortable about going to the dentist, but we also provide compassionate and comprehensive care to your teeth. When you come to our dentist, you’ll experience dental care that’s high quality. Going to the dentist for many can be scary no matter your age, which is why we’ve created a relaxing office setting that will allow you to feel comfortable and even enjoy the process of getting your teeth cleaned.

In addition, as a city employee, you can meet with the massage therapist prior to or after your appointment to be even more at ease. When you come to our office, you’ll have access to a variety of services all of which are listed below:

Stop avoiding the dentist when you can take advantage of a superb deal like this one. When you come to Lifetime Smiles, your pearly whites will shine and your muscles will feel relief. We look forward to providing every City of Austin employee with a relaxing massage and a beautiful smile. Make an appointment today!