Are you considering dental implants?

Consider using our “All-On-Four” dental implants. These implants replace all teeth including your top and/or bottom row of your mouth. And, since each denture is applied as a whole individual piece, only four implants need to be embedded into your mouth. This procedure is far less invasive than previous methods – or tooth-by-tooth implants – and is considered state-of-the-art.

Let’s talk about what receiving an “All-On-Four” implant means. Implanting begins with inserting titanium screws into the sections of your gums that would otherwise hold the root of a tooth. We use titanium screws since they naturally fuse with surrounding bone over time. This ensures a strong base for your removable implant, and it is minimally invasive. Next, your implant is fitted to match up with your mouth and the four embedded screws – and that’s it!

“All-On-Four” dentures give you the perfect smile after one simple procedure. We can provide temporary teeth immediately. The procedure is relatively pain free, as we do provide sedation services.

And as a final phase, we’ll bring you back to check-in and track the changes that occur on your gumline, and build a final specially designed permanent removable denture for you to wear. This denture will be designed specifically for your jawline and gum shape to ensure the perfect secure fit.

So if you’re missing many teeth on either or both top/bottom gumlines, consider consulting a professional at Lifetime Smiles. Also check out our other dental implants. Set up an appointment, and we’ll scan your jaw and gum structure and discuss a plan that’s right for you! Give us a call!