1. Dentists recommend flossing daily!

    How To Remove A Popcorn Hull That Has Made A Home In Your Gum

    With Halloween comes popcorn balls and buttery buckets of popcorn to accompany spooky movies. With popcorn comes hulls and the occasional inflamed gum. Ouch! The shape of the popcorn hull is perfect for sliding up and between your tooth and gum, and because popcorn hulls are not easily broken down b…Read More

  2. Dentists recommend flossing daily!

    Proper Flossing Technique: Gently Saw, Don’t Snap!

    Flossing removes food particles that cause plaque build up and bacterial growth. While brushing twice a day is necessary and removes most of the plaque on the surface of your teeth, your oral hygiene routine is not complete without flossing! Just as important as flossing is making sure you’re doin…Read More