1. Scary Facts About Teeth

    Maybe these facts aren’t going to have you jumping out of your seat, but hopefully they’ll surprise you just a bit! Here are some spooky (or just interesting) facts about teeth and related issues! Dentists recommend keeping your toothbrush at least six feet away from your toilet to prevent bacte…Read More

  2. Dentists love oral burn relief strip

    Scientists Develop Oral Burn Relieving Strip

    Pizza puts you in quite a predicament: it’s delicious, you’re hungry and it’s hot. Too hot. The roof of your mouth is often what takes the beating (or should I say the burning). That bubbly, melted cheese presses right into it and suddenly nothing, not even the goodness of pizza, is worth what…Read More

  3. Dentists keep an eye out for oral cancer

    Be Aware Of And Prevent Oral Cancer

    Oral cancer is a type of head and neck cancer, and is any cancer located inside your mouth. A dentist can identify oral cancer and recommend action. Most oral cancers start on the floor of the mouth, beneath the tongue, or on the actual tongue. Oral cancer is particularly dangerous because it can of…Read More

  4. Ancient Toothpicks Were Used To Fight Gum Disease

    The next time you’re thinking about skipping flossing maybe you should remind yourself that even cavemen were able to manage to maintain an oral hygiene routine. New research shows that nearly 2 million years ago toothpicks were used in the genus Homo, both as a way of relieving the pain of gum di…Read More

  5. Dentist caught falling asleep at work

    Dentist Caught Sleeping During Procedures

    Napping on the job is never okay, but when you’re doing it a couple rooms over from the oral surgery you’re supposed to be administering, it’s particularly unacceptable. A Brooklyn dentist has been charged with serious neglect by a former employee who says the dentist relied on his college-stu…Read More

  6. What Your Teeth Expect When You’re Expecting

    Every aspect of your life seems to require some special care during your nine months. Your teeth, gums and mouth are no exception! Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that greatly increases a woman’s chances of developing periodontal disease, or gum disease. This in turn can affect the health of you…Read More

  7. Study Looks At Negative Effects Of Fluoride Consumption

    This week the American Association for Dental Research published a paper concerning the rumored increased risk for hip fracture that results from drinking fluoridated water. The study looked at the effects fluoridated water can have on bone strength, by studying a large group (almost half a million)…Read More

  8. Dentists love oral burn relief strip

    Saliva May Detect Cancer

    The National Institute of Health awarded the University of California Los Angeles School of Dentistry $5 million donation to use towards identifying clues that saliva may offer by way of diagnosing cancers and other serious ailments. Project Terms The project the team of scientists will undertake, w…Read More

  9. Battle Of The Sexes: Dental Health Showdown

    The results of a study suggest that women generally take better care of their teeth and gums than men, and thus lower their risk for the complications that result from neglect like gum disease. Study The study followed more than 800 participants in their late teens. First they were required to compl…Read More

  10. Beneath the Surface: What are Teeth Made Of?

    You brush twice a day and floss once. You rinse with fluoride and avoid foods that perpetuate bacterial growth. All to protect and keep your teeth healthy. Other than their needs and proper care what do you know about teeth? If you’ve ever wondered here’s a quick run through of what materials te…Read More