1. Alternative Uses Of Toothpaste

    It’s necessary to any oral hygiene routine, but are there other ways one could put to use a tube of toothpaste? Besides cleaning and polishing your teeth what could the stuff be good for? Surprisingly numerous things! Here are some inventive ways toothpaste can come in handy. Getting Creative With…Read More

  2. Emergency dental services are our specialty!

    Sensitive Teeth: Teeth Have Feelings Too!

    Is there more pain in a sip of coffee than caffeine? More “ouch!” in ice cream than chocolate chips? Most people suffer from some degree of tooth sensitivity at one point in their lives. Here’s all you need to know about that terrible sensation and how to offer your teeth some relief! What Cau…Read More

  3. Interpreting The Meaning of Different Types Of Smiles

    How much is behind that smile? A smile is capable of conveying such a wide range of emotions. We smile when we’re amused, happy, embarrassed and sometimes sad. Use this guide to get an idea for what some of the different types of smiles might be trying to tell you. Slow Smile A smile that takes a …Read More

  4. Erosion = Beautiful Landmarks, Terrible Teeth

    Erosion has helped create some of our planet’s most beautiful landscapes. The Grand Canyon was formed primarily through erosion caused by the Colorado River. Erosion is not something you want going on in your mouth. If your teeth undergo erosion something far less beautiful than the Grand Canyon w…Read More

  5. A Ton Of Facts About Your Tongue!

    You’ve heard the importance of the tongue touted at you before. But why is it important? Are there things about the tongue that you don’t know? What are all those taste buds about? Here are some interesting facts about an organ you definitely couldn’t do without! No single taste bud cell has t…Read More

  6. All About Dry Mouth

    Although you might not think so, saliva, provides many services to your mouth. It helps you taste your food, it keeps your mouth comfortably moist and it washes away harmful bacteria that your mouth naturally contains. Your mouth without saliva would be a dry cave, incapable of enjoying your favorit…Read More

  7. Soda, Straws, And Tooth Decay

    Maybe you’ve heard that drinking through a straw makes drinking sugary drinks, like soda, okay. While you might not have the complete go-ahead, there is some truth to the benefit of drinking through a straw. A study published in an issue of General Dentistry reported that drinking soft drinks, jui…Read More

  8. Getting The Most Of Your Visit: Dental Appointment Tips

    Most likely you only make a trip to the dentist twice a year. Do you never leave feeling you got exactly what you needed out of the visit? Whether it be answers, treatment or reassurance, you have to learn to take what you need! Here are some tips for a smooth and successful dental visit. Know What …Read More

  9. Study Finds Link Between Periodontitis And RA

    A study released earlier this month links gum disease (periodontitis) to rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Although this connection has been previously speculated on by dentists and scientists, the reason for the connection has remained unclear. However, the study, lead by a group of researchers from the U…Read More