1. What to Do in a Dental Emergency

    Imagine you’re enjoying the afternoon at the ballpark. Your son is playing first base, his favorite position. The sun is warm and refreshing. The robins are hopping around out in center field, looking for worms. The leaves are whistling in the slight breeze that is making this the best baseball da…Read More

  2. The Importance of a Family Dentist

    The New Year is upon us, with the most popular resolutions being to lose weight, make more money, get organized, or quit smoking. But what about your oral health? Isn’t that just as important as your physical health? Lifetime Smiles in Austin recognizes that in order to have good oral health, you …Read More

  3. Why Are We The Preferred Option?

    What are Lifetime Smiles patients saying about our dentistry services? Well, it’s a lot of positive feedback, as a matter of fact, and we’re very proud of it! People can’t get enough of our dentist and the many services that we offer. Whether you’re afraid of the dentist because you’ve had…Read More

  4. Get A Perfect Smile With Veneers

    Dental veneers are one of the many cosmetic dentistry services that we offer at Lifetime Smiles. This permanent solution to a variety of teeth issues will decrease your self-consciousness about your teeth and help you feel better about your smile — or whenever you flash your teeth. Instead of feel…Read More

  5. The Difference Between Dental Crowns And Veneers

    In Get A Perfect Smile With Veneers and Why You Should Get Veneers, we went over our cosmetic dentistry options to provide you with some insight into how veneers can be a beneficial decision for your teeth. In today’s blog, to give you additional options, we are going to go over the differences be…Read More

  6. How To Remember To Show Up To The Dentist

    Have you ever had that feeling you’re forgetting something? Of course, you have! Everyone has experienced that feeling of knowing we forgot something, but are not able to remember what it is. One of the areas that can be easiest to forget is appointments. From appointments at the car garage to den…Read More

  7. What Should You Expect From Your First Visit To The Dentist

    Going to the dentist can cause anxiety. In fact, there’s a fear called dentophobia, which is a phobia of the dentist. However, like most things in life, don’t let your fear rule how you go about your day-to-day activities. Instead of feeling fearful about going to the dentist, try to focus on t…Read More

  8. Why You Should Get Veneers

    As we grow older, our bodies change. Whether that means wrinkles marking your skin or your teeth becoming discolored from years of drinking coffee and tea, your body is going to show signs of change. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to let those signs show themselves so easily. Instead of …Read More

  9. How Will Invisalign Affect My Life?

    You’ve had braces before, but you spent some years without wearing your retainer. While you know that it’s your fault that your teeth are much more crooked than they were when your braces came off, that doesn’t stop you from feeling self-conscious about your smile. Once your smile was gleaming…Read More