1. The Difference Between Dental Crowns And Veneers

    In Get A Perfect Smile With Veneers and Why You Should Get Veneers, we went over our cosmetic dentistry options to provide you with some insight into how veneers can be a beneficial decision for your teeth. In today’s blog, to give you additional options, we are going to go over the differences be…Read More

  2. How To Remember To Show Up To The Dentist

    Have you ever had that feeling you’re forgetting something? Of course, you have! Everyone has experienced that feeling of knowing we forgot something, but are not able to remember what it is. One of the areas that can be easiest to forget is appointments. From appointments at the car garage to den…Read More

  3. What Should You Expect From Your First Visit To The Dentist

    Going to the dentist can cause anxiety. In fact, there’s a fear called dentophobia, which is a phobia of the dentist. However, like most things in life, don’t let your fear rule how you go about your day-to-day activities. Instead of feeling fearful about going to the dentist, try to focus on t…Read More

  4. Why You Should Get Veneers

    As we grow older, our bodies change. Whether that means wrinkles marking your skin or your teeth becoming discolored from years of drinking coffee and tea, your body is going to show signs of change. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to let those signs show themselves so easily. Instead of …Read More

  5. How Will Invisalign Affect My Life?

    You’ve had braces before, but you spent some years without wearing your retainer. While you know that it’s your fault that your teeth are much more crooked than they were when your braces came off, that doesn’t stop you from feeling self-conscious about your smile. Once your smile was gleaming…Read More

  6. Treating Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is something that many people throughout the United States deal with. Sleep apnea occurs for a few reasons, but the two most popular are obesity and age. The older you get the more sleep apnea can become a real risk in your life. The more you weigh the higher your chances of sleep apnea …Read More

  7. About Our New Technology

    In Welcome To The Digital Age For The Dentist!, we introduced some of our new pieces of technology in the office of our dentist. At Lifetime Smiles, we’re proud to have new digital technology that will help you feel more at ease when you come to the dentist. Many people feel a fear of going to the…Read More

  8. What To Know About Sleep Apnea

    As a dentist, we offer a wide variety of information about your oral health. We believe it’s our duty to be the first resource for everything from sedation dentistry to alleviate your anxiety about going to the dentist to pediatric dentistry to answer those questions about your little one’s loos…Read More

  9. How Technology Is Changing the Dental Industry

    Technology is changing the way we think, feel, and what we see in our day. While there are some who are worried about the impact of technology on our society, there are many benefits to it as well. Now, technology is changing the way a dentist will work. At Lifetime Smiles, we are proud to announce …Read More