Scientists Develop Oral Burn Relieving Strip

Pizza puts you in quite a predicament: it’s delicious, you’re hungry and it’s hot. Too hot. The roof of your mouth is often what takes the beating (or should I say the burning). That bubbly, melted cheese presses right into … Continued

Be Aware Of And Prevent Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a type of head and neck cancer, and is any cancer located inside your mouth. A dentist can identify oral cancer and recommend action. Most oral cancers start on the floor of the mouth, beneath the tongue, … Continued

Dentist Caught Sleeping During Procedures

Napping on the job is never okay, but when you’re doing it a couple rooms over from the oral surgery you’re supposed to be administering, it’s particularly unacceptable. A Brooklyn dentist has been charged with serious neglect by a former … Continued